Looking for excitement, a different environment or a new perspective on history or culture? We've got it! 

Try skydiving and feel the earth rushing toward you.  Spend the night--or just have a picnic-- on a platform in eastern Carolina's own beautiful bayou. If you'd rather be a spectator, you can do that here, too! Get a front-row seat to beautiful horses performing at our first-class equestrian arena. Catch an exciting bull riding event or one of the many other activiteis offered throughout the year, all at the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center. 

Create your own history tour through our charming towns and rural back-roads or visit during a weekend trip back in time with our Fort Branch Civil War Reenactment each November. Photograph colorful birds or a field of fluffy white cotton.

Our beautiful new Martin County Arts Center is already hosting events like the North Carolina Watercolor Society's Eastern Region Show as well as well as national programs with musicians, craftsmen and visual artists.

Change your surroundings; change your perspective. You may discover a whole new "you"...right here in Martin County, NC!
January 01-31, 2015
Deadwood Western Theme Park & Restaurant & October Fun read description"  
January 01-31, 2015
Fort Branch  
January 01-31, 2015
East Carolina Skydiving LLC  
January 08-24, 2015
Clay/Glass/Metal/Fiber Contemporary Crafts of Eastern NC  
January 24, 2015
East Coast Equipment/John Deere Partners in Progress  
January 29, 2015
Lynda Dawson & Pattie Hopkins performing at the "MC Arts Council"  
January 31, 2015
Karaoke & Live Music Red Herring Cafe" Downtown Williamston  
February 01, 2015
SUPER BOWL BASH" Red Heron Cafe" Downtown Williamston  
February 05-01, 2015
Black History Month- Civil Rights Movement  
February 07, 2015
United Way Food & Craft Bazaar Williamston Farmers Market  
February 07, 2015
Martin County Arts Council presents "Mike Wiley, a one man show in " Noble Journey"  
February 07, 2015
2015 Spring National Garden Tractor Pull  
February 10, 2015
Annual Industry appreciation Banquet  
February 12-15, 2015
Williamston Winter Classic  
February 13, 2015
Pre- Valentine Single & Mingle Red Heron Cafe" Downtown Williamston  
February 14, 2015
Bear Grass Ruritans sale Farmers Market  
February 14, 2015
Be My Valentine Dinner & Jazz Red Heron Cafe" Downtown Williamston  
February 20-21, 2015
Old Ford VFD Survivor Series Rodeo  
February 28-01, 2015
NCQHA-D4 "No Bling" Quarter Horse Show  
March 07, 2015
Wild Turkey Federation Farmers Market  
April 04, 2015
Larry B. Hardison Auction Downtown Williamston  
May 01, 2015
The Martin County Farmers Market will open May 2015 thru Sept 2015